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Latest HORN Products


Tooling system for Aluminium wheel machining

INFO 4/17: Horn tools for machining cast or forged aluminium wheels deliver high process reliability and excellent surface quality.


Mechanical machining of pipes and couplings for the crude oil and gas industries

INFO 3/17 Crude oil is one of the most important and most widely used raw materials, particularly as a raw material in the chemical industry and as a fuel for transport and for generating energy. Due to the huge importance of crude oil, the crude oil industry is the largest in the world.


Extension for Modular System 960

INFO 2/17: HORN is extending the 960 modular system for the 845 interface by adding new cartridges to hold the S229 insert. The double-edged insert for grooving and parting off, as well as for longitudinal and contour turning, is available ex stock with various chipbreaker geometries and substrates.

The maximum grooving depth of the cartridge is 25 mm with a machining diameter of 68 mm. Groove widths between 3 mm and 6 mm are available. All grooving cartridges are fitted with an internal coolant supply. Cooling takes place via the clamping finger and support.


Internally cooled Inserts for Grooving and Parting off

INFO 1/17: The S100 single cutting edge insert and the S224 double cutting edge insert from HORN are available with internal coolant supply through the insert. The targeted coolant jet acts directly on the point of cutting, thus ensuring optimum cutting conditions.

The funnel-shaped nozzle creates a coolant jet which actively supports chip formation and thus reduces the chance of chip jamming. This type of internal cooling significantly reduces the formation of built-up edges and fractures on the cutting edge. Unlike conventional cooling methods, this system therefore achieves higher cutting parameters,which allow the tool to be used even more economically and efficiently.



DA62 Milling System

INFO 20/16 HORN has developed the new DA62 milling system for corner, face and plunge milling. The system from the Tübingen-based precision tool manufacturer uses a new six-edged indexable insert.

Both sides of the Insert can be used and it has three axial and radial cutting edges on each side. The precision-sintered, trigonal insert boasts a large core cross-section and maximum cutting length. The design of the cutting edges produces a positive cutting geometry despite the negative insert angle.


System DS solid Carbide End Mills for Trochoidal Milling in Steel

INFO 19/16: The HORN Portfolio of solid carbide end mills of the series DS has been extended for dynamic trochoidal milling. The special construction of the geometry for trochoidal milling cycles ensures a quiet process due to the unequal division/split/and helical cutting edges.


DR small High performance reaming

INFO 17/16: The HORN product range includes the smallest patented quick-change reaming system in the world.

The four system sizes offer diameters ranging from 7.600 mm (0.2992") to 13.100 mm (0.5157").

The system allows the reaming cutters in the machine to be changed quickly and easily with maximum repeat accuracy.


Milling shanks for T-slot type cutters utilising inserts

INFO 16/16: The patented tangential milling system has now been expanded into our T-slot-cutter range.

The cutters are available with diameters of 25 mm (.9843”), 32 mm (1.2598”), 40 mm (1.5748”) and 50 mm (1.9685”). All the different cutters have shanks which are compliant with DIN1835-B. The design of the tools has been optimized specifically for machining T-slots. The cutter bodies are extremely stable and designed with internal radial coolant supply, for efficient cooling and optimized chip evacuation.


DS Titan range

INFO 15/16: HORN has developed an impressive array of special tools for machining titanium materials.

With their sharp cutting edges, positive cutting angle, large relief angle and polished cutting edges, these tools are designed to overcome the main problems encountered during titanium machining.


Tangential Milling with system 406 and 409

INDEX 14/16: The optimum system solution for high-performance milling: HORN’s patented range of highly successful tangential milling tools that go by the name of the 406 and 409 systems are to be supplemented at every level with the introduction of new face, corner, screw-in and end mills.

All the tool holders feature an internal coolant supply for optimum cooling and chip removal.


Supermini® and Mini range with Diamond cutting edges

INFO 13/16: Our portfolio of products for boring now includes diamond-tipped tools with CVD-D and PCD cutting edges. These tools are used for boring, copying and grooving when working with sintered carbide, ceramics or abrasive plastics.

They are also used for machining non-ferrous materials which are either highly abrasive due to their silicon content or have a tendency to exhibit chipping problems and form built-up edges. The chip geometry, which has been specially developed for this purpose, solves virtually all machining problems caused by uncontrolled formation of stringy swarf.


Modular Threading Die

INDEX 12/16: HORN’s modular die for pipe threads (patent pending), which is available in sizes of G¾ and G1 inch, is an easy swap system consisting of one basic holder and individual inserts.

In the event of wear, all you have to do is replace the inserts in the basic holder, thereby eliminating the regrinding work that would normally be required.


Indexable insert type S315 with chip geometry

INFO 11/16: The new narrow triple-edge- cutting insert for the 315 type grooving system features a range of chip geometries for full and partial cuts for grooving widths of less than 2 mm. The available indexable insert cutting widths of 1.1/1.3/1.5 and 2 mm in left or right-hand design support grooving depths of up to 5,5 mm.


Supermini® Type 105 with new EG35 substrate

INFO 10/16: New high-performance variants will be added to the Supermini® from HORN.

With a new coating, new substrate and new micro geometry, it is setting new standards when it comes boring holes between 0.2 mm and 6.8 mm. With this product, HORN is enabling its customers to accelerate their production throughout, even with an increasing proportion of stainless, high alloy and inhomogeneous steel qualities.


System 64T

INFO 9/16: The 64T six-edged grooving insert is the latest addition to the HORN grooving range.

The type 64T insert is precision sintered and is currently available with a grooving width of up to 3.29 mm

As a neutral grooving insert, it can be used on either the left or the right in square shank holders with internal cooling.


Face Grooving system 25A

INFO 8/2016: HORN has enhanced the cutting width and diameter of the tried-and-tested 25A axial grooving system with cartridges and round shanks. The cassettes are designed for the standard cassette interface K220 and are compatible with all applicable basic holders from HORN.

Cartridges and boring bars were previously available from an external diameter of 15 mm, with a groove depth of up to 18 mm, and with one-edged or two-edged indexable inserts featuring cutting widths of 2 and 3 mm.


Modular Thread Whirling - Economic Production of Threads

INFO 6/16: Thread Vortex technology of Paul Horn GmbH single - and multi-Start external threads and profiles are manufactured using 6 - or 9-dashing tools of the type M271 very efficiently and economically.

Extremely short machining times, Thread Whirling lathe machines offers significant advantages over the thread turning.

New developed modular tool system offers a variety of combinations, the customer via ground carrier and ring boxes suitable for common lathe machines and drive units.


Tools for Micro Machining

INFO 5/16: Machining of components in areas off Ø 0.2 mm, with chip depths that are not uncommon at 0.01 mm, be placed extremely high demands on the tool, the tool system, and in particular of the cutting edge design.

Extremely sharp, outbreak-free and with very fine surface, the tool cutting must be executed to ensure a precise cutting when the smallest chip depth.


Horn Turbo Whirling-Twice as fast with a longer service life

INFO 4/16: Pre- and finish Whirling in a single process

The newly developed process of HORN Turbo Whirling optimized machining at the thread whirling and improves the economy. HORN cutting tools designed for machining of threads with greater allowance for the swirling with new cutting allocation.